Spring Spotlight: Coach Jeff Koonz Safeties

Spring break is over and it’s time to get back to football.  Today we take a look at one of the new additions to the coaching staff, safeties Coach, Jeff Koonz.  His players said that they have a tough time “keeping up” with Coach Koonz in practice.  Take a look and you will see what they mean.



Delaying Spring Break

When the final whistle blew at the end of Thursdays practice it was the beginning of spring break. As a few players jokingly said they were ready for a little “me time”. Spending the next week with friends and family is something all of the players were looking forward to….but a few guys decided to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate before taking time for themselves on spring break.



Special Day for a Special Player

In the second game of the season last year Munchie Legaux suffered a devestating knee injury.  The type of injury that has friends and family hoping he will be able to walk and run again, let alone play football.  A couple of months ago the NCAA granted Munchie another year of elegibility and that’s all he needed to hear.  Already determined to get back on the field, that sealed it.  Spring practice started less than two weeks ago and today Munchie Legaux was taking snaps and participating in practice.  #Never say never



Spring Scrimmage Special for Local Player

Saturday Coach Tommy Tuberville took his Bearcats downtown for their first scrimmage of the spring season. Practicing in an NFL stadium is special for the entire team but for one local player it had special meaning.  Not only was he on the same field his hometown Bengals play on, after a winter of hard work he was starting with the number one defense.


First Day of Full Contact

After two months of lifting weights and conditioning the team was happy to get back to football when spring practice started last Thursday.  For the first two days the only “equipment” the guys could wear was helmets.  That all changed on Saturday when they were able to put on the pads and hit each other.


It’s Football Time!

Thursday morning felt like football weather, but not spring football weather!  The Bearcats kicked off preparations for the 2014 season with the first of 15 practices today on campus.  Compared to their winter conditioning schedule, spring practice can make for some long days and this morning our cameras were there when the players stared arriving just after six o’clock to kick off the 2014 season.